In October 2007 a centuries-old Cycad, believed to be one of the oldest of its kind in KwaZulu Ntal, has been moved. The tree was removed to make way for the construction of the new Port Shepstone prison. We had to get a permit to remove the Cycad and replant it in Southbroom. The plant has many medicinal prperties, but it is slowly becoming extinct. There are at least 65 species of cycad, but the number growing worldwide has decreased dramatically over the past few years. October 2008 Last year the ancient Cycad was removed and is now the biggest Cycad ever successfully transplanted on the coast.
Indigenous trees were removed from the Bhoboyi area and replanted at the Ugu Sports and Leisure Centre in Gamalakhe. The trees were moved to accommodate the new water storage dam which is under construction. The relocation was overseen by Enviromental Solutions. The move went very well and all the trees are in a good condition. Roots that were damaged or cut during the removal process were sealed to prevent rot. The trees were also shaped and pruned and all pruning cuts were sealed. The pruning process was done to ensure the root system settles before the new growth starts. The trees were planted with extra nutrients and fertilisers to ensure a speedy recovery from the stress of the move.
Supply & Transport & Planting of Large Feature Palms
Removal of roots after cutting down trees