Tree Felling / Pruning 

Felling and removal of trees from various sites for various reasons

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure, maintaining their safety and aesthetics.  Common reasons for pruning; removal of dead branches, weak or diseased limbs, crowded limbs and to eliminate hazards.  Also to increase light and air penetration to the inside to the tree's crown or to the landscape below.  Raising - pruning lower branches to provide clearance for buildings,vehicles, pedestrians.  Reduction - reducing the height or spread; this helps maintain the form and structural integrity. 

Pruning helps your landscape by addressing architectural tree care concerns such as safety, structural integrity, shape and appearance. 

Professional cutters for felling of trees

Branches get hoisted down to minimize damage to surrounds


Tree Feller tying and hoisting branch down as not to damage property with falling branches


Cut branches being hoisted down by cutter and ground staff for removal

Branch safely on the ground with no damage to property


Hoisting down branches from a storm damaged tree       


Storm damaged Trees


Cutting fallen storm damaged branches


Removal of the root



                                                                                                         Stump removal